Getting older

There are so many things that I want to do, see, experience. I know that whatever I do with my life, I will do 100 percent and be completely engaged in but hold back sometimes from jumping in because I think that I will be missing out on whatever the cosmos have in store for me (even though it is probably exactly what I need to be doing at that moment anyway) and its hard to let go of the security I have built for myself even if I don’t care about it too much anymore.
I think that we are programmed from a young age to make sure we make a certain amount of money to ensure that we are ‘secure’ for our future.
It’s more like ‘trapped’ from it.
We are also trained to be afraid and to hate. To fear hitting those 30,35,40,50 marks – to be afraid of getting older, to hate your job, to loathe ironing, to detest grocery shopping, etc.
Maybe we fear so much that we just don’t do anything.
Most people seem to start to settle down as they get older…
…or perhaps they just settle. Settle for their life, settle for their surroundings. Most of our early experiences actually taught us this without knowing it. You can see it everywhere, clerks at stores, insurance agents, people you work with and interact with on a daily basis. Its funny when we step out of our comfort zones, change our perception, and begin to see what a negative world we really live in.
I was so excited to hit 30 and everyone around me hated my optimism. I mean, you get older and look how much you learn, how much you grow and all the cool people you meet. It was such an awesome year, I was happy, content and at peace. I did a lot and it went by so fast and I loved every second of it.
Now 31?  Kinda crazy, but still taught me lessons all the same. I learned what I would and would NOT accept out of a relationship with someone, how I would accept being treated by people, including family and friends, and how I would react to what happens around me both in my personal life and in the world around me.
I guess the blueprints were always there for me to see a bigger picture, but in the early thirties is when they were actually brought into focus and I could read them. I really learned that life will never deal you any more cards than you can hold in your hands and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at any given time.
Knowing that made it easier to let go of fear.
Can you imagine if everyone just let go of their fear what a great world this would be??

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