the mind, ego, and water coolers.

SubwayIt can sometimes be so easy to allow ourselves to get caught up in the chatter of our minds.

The incessant ramblings and emotional reactions of “He said, she said”, “What if’s” and “Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve’s”.

Oh, its alright to admit, everyone’s mind does it.  It started a long time ago when Ego moved in upstairs.

Ego has always been such a good tenant.  Paying rent on time, not making too much noise, and parking in the right spot.

Ego loves to try and distract us from the present moment.  He reminds us of that one time that he or she did that thing that made us so angry, or what we are going to say to our boss the next time they say that thing that pisses us off.   We let Ego live here so long because he has always given us a sense of confidence and assured us that however we choose to justify our actions, we are always right on the money.  Ego gets a lot of his energy by keeping us focused on the past and the future.  And that is because Ego doesn’t want you to know that he can’t exist for one second in the present moment.

So the next time you find yourself gossiping with your own mind (and Ego) at the water cooler, close your eyes and take a couple deep and juicy breaths.  When you open them again, find yourself in the present moment and just observe your thoughts without an emotional attachment.   Let it all go.  It may take some discipline at first and might hurt Egos’ ego, but in time, you just might find yourself laughing at how much we have been exaggerating our thoughts and memories.

See, in the present moment, trees are greener, jokes are funnier and love is lovelier.

I wonder how much “present moment” time we waste by allowing ourselves to relive things that don’t exist anymore.  Or for that matter, haven’t even happened yet.

In time and with enough practice, we can actually re-wire our minds to stay in the present moment and not get caught off guard by the illusions our very own “friend” Ego creates.

Heck, we might even be just present enough to enjoy that cone shaped cup of ice cold water from the water cooler.



(Article published in Yogi Times under Gossip, the Ego, and Water Coolers)


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