yoga TT day one

Just WOW.

I was so nervous to start this class.  I thought that I was too old and didn’t have enough practice and wasn’t flexible enough.

Steve, the Ashtanga director for the studio, opened the class by just talking to us about his own journey.  Working for a company that he didn’t care for, partying too hard, abusing his body.  All, of course, sounding very familiar.  He has a way about him that makes you want to listen to him. 

He had us chant a bit of sanskrit stuff that I have no idea what it meant and then lead us through a gentle yoga flow for about an hour.

We were placed in meditation a few times during the night.

Christine, the owner/director of the studio,  joined Steve around 8pm and we all gathered in a circle and introduced ourselves and told everyone what brought us to teacher training.

The stories were so varied.  The reasons to teach were so broad.  Turns out I am not the oldest one in there and there are some people who are not as flexible as I am!

Christine and Steve both set the expectations of the class and then Christine left us with Steve again to wrap up the evening.

His parting message was a metaphor about gardening.

First, before you plant seeds, you must clean the soil, remove the waste and create fresh space.  Then you must plant the seeds and take care to water them, to feed them.  Even after the roots are firmly rooted, the work is still not over.  We must continue to nurture the plant in order to extend its life.

The same is true with our bodies.  Our minds.  We have to clear the space, remove the waste.  Set the intention and nurture it.  And even after we have seen the light, we must keep reaching.

He then gave us a meditation for us to use tonight and tomorrow before class.

Meditate on three things.

  1. Gratitude.
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Humility

The class was amazing and I can’t wait for tomorrow!!


One response to “yoga TT day one

  1. “Set the intention and nurture it. And even after we have seen the light, we must keep reaching.”
    Thank you for this message! Sometimes I forget why I must continue to practice as a teacher!

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