what mid-life crisis?

Buddha MountainThere is this stigma with getting older.  Just ask the next person who says their birthday is coming up.

“Hey!  I heard your birthday is around the corner!  How old are you turning?”

“UGH.  40. Four-Zero.  Can you believe it?  Its all down hill from here.”

Really?  Its all down hill?  “Down hill” meaning speeding towards certain death?  “Down hill” meaning spiraling out of control?  No more good times there!  Its all done. So long so called life.

Talk about textbook pessimism.

My belief is that this pessimistic way of thinking about our inevitable aging process is learned through our environment and the people we come in contact with.   You can hear it if you tune in to it.  It is the undertone of most TV shows, your family has surely has thrown it out there more than a few times and your best friend has probably whined about the years that are marching across her face.

Guess what?  Its all true.  It is real and it is happening as we speak.  We are all getting older.

Perhaps some muscles don’t work the way they used to anymore and staying up past 10:00pm wipes you out for the entire next day.

(I will save standing on my soapbox and preaching about the benefits of yoga for another post)

The thing is – this aging process IS happening.  It is happening to all of us and for all of us, the end result is the same.  I am not being morbid, I am being realistic.

Spend a little quality time by yourself and meditate on your own death for a time.  Don’t focus on the “Could’ve’s”, “Should’ve’s” or Would’ve’s”, but focus on your life.  See yourself as if you are 90 years old and nearing the end.  Revisit all of the accomplishments, the friendships, the cool people you have met and the once in a lifetime experiences you have had.  Remember how badass you were (and still are).  Feel all of the love you have ever received from anyone in your life and let it fill your heart.  Imagine all of the things you have wanted to do that you haven’t done yet and fantasize about them for a bit.  Stay in this moment and enjoy the reliving of these days.

Now bring your awareness back to present time.  How young do you feel now?  How much potential is in front of you at this very moment?

Take that trip.  Get that tattoo.  Start a new career.  Make new friends.

Getting older is part of the journey and you have so much more road ahead of you!

Keep on trucking!


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